Interview Tips

Interview Tips

When you are actively looking for a job, you feel that everyone seems to give you the same advice such as writing a cover letter, tailoring your resume to the job and reaching out to your network .

You have probably read many articles offering interviewing tips to job seekers. However, have you taken the advice to read what interviewers on the other side of the table actually expect?  If you do, you can get a real insight into what they are thinking and trained to look for in a candidate.

  • Practice your answers and always read your answers out loud
  • Role play the interview
  • Prepare for the job interview
  • Practice makes perfect
Tips To Make Job Hunting Easier

Looking for work is most frustrating, particularly if you have been looking for a long time.

The following key points can make your job hunting easier:

  • Never take it personally. Job hunting is usually filled with rejections even for top candidates.  Always remove your emotions from the situation.
  • Remember that Employers take time and their time is usually different to your time.  Recruitment Consultants have to juggle a lot of priorities at one time.